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I bought my first power saw the other day.

My plan is to build a backyard fort for my boys.

The most complex woodworking I have done to this point in my life was a toolbox I made in Boy Scouts.

I have no clue what tools I need, how much or what wood and hardware is necessary, or how to ensure the fort stands up when the wind blows.

Up to this point, my excessive array of tools have been glorified picture hanging assistants.  

I have two options.

Option 1:  

Use the tools I have and learn the ins and outs of backyard fort construction.  

Purchase any tools needed to complete the job. 

Time Cost: High 
Financial Cost: Low(er) 
Mental, Emotional, and Physical Cost: high due to the frustrating process of learning new skills. 

Option 2:

Hire a handyman or backyard fort expert.

Time Cost: Low
Financial Cost: High
Mental, Emotional, and Physical Cost: nearly non-existent.  

I’m going with option 1 simply because I want to do this thing for my children and I want them to help me in the process so they can learn with me and have a sense of ownership.  

If this was anything else I would be hiring it out.

Akin to going to my toolbox 80% of Kvellians have a home gym and 100% of them can afford to put some resemblance of one together. 

But the hammer (gym) doesn’t drive the nail (you) without the work necessary to move the hammer to the nail with force, in the correct direction, with proper technique, and on target.    

In all things in life, you have the choice to figure it out for yourself how to get the hammer to drive the nail or hire somebody to do the driving for you.  

Either can work it’s simply a matter of choice. 

Brett “Hammer Meet Nail (It May Hurt a Bit)” Denton