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I don’t know about you, but there is a large portion of the time that inside my head is not the best place to be.  Put a thought in there and it is going to be shaken down, roughed up, thrown away, forgotten, picked back up, and all-together mistreated or sometimes treated better than it deserves.  This mistreatment or overpampering often occurs in a continuous cycle with no end in sight.  I feel sorry for that poor innocuous thought simply working to provide a view of the world.  

I have found that a better option for that thought is for it to be set free.  Let it out of the lion’s den or emperors palace that is my brain.  Write it on paper and think about it on paper.  Talk it through with a coach or mentor, somebody who can see the bigger picture.  Or if it is not something that is going to hurt anybody and is an idea of how to do something put it into action and see how it works.  

Let the thought out!  Let it breathe and see if it can survive on its own in the real world.