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What does freedom mean to you? 

We throw around the word freedom often in the United States, but do we really understand it?  Do we know what it means?  Do we even have it?

On some levels, yes, but on many levels no.  

Are you free from want?

Are you free from your possessions?

Are you free of will?

Are you free from the government?

In the end, true freedom can be accomplished in only one place.  No matter the external circumstances we can be free of mind.  The only place in this world that you have complete control and thus freedom is your mind.  

Don’t you think it would be a good idea to exercise that freedom frequently?  To quote Tony Robbins…Yes or yes?

Meditate, ruminate, journal, think for yourself, exercise your brain.  There is nothing but freedom of there you simply have to learn how to control it through practice.