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Coaching is a funny thing.

First, people voluntarily sign up to be coached be it in sports, executive coaching, fitness coaching, etc.

People often pay good money to be coached.

Yet, most people only want to be coached when they want to be coached which is generally when they don’t need it…

And don’t want to be coached when they DO need it.

Second, coaching is designed to be an all the time thing. 

The coaching given should be adhered to even and especially when the coach is not there.

Your coach is helping you grow and improve to a point where you can do the things you are being coached on, on your own.  

Yet, most people only do things they were coached on when they know the coach is watching or paying attention…

This diminishes trust in themselves and their results.

Third, we all want to do it our way EVEN if that way isn’t the optimal way.

An experienced coach knows what works and what doesn’t and yet we have hired them and want to tell them how it should be done…


Yet again, we diminish our results by fighting the coach on what they know works from coaching real people who have achieved what we want to achieve.   

The bottom line is we are great at hamstringing ourselves.

We love to push back even when we are the ones asking and often paying for help.

We are our biggest enemy and obstacle.  

Try going ALL-IN next time you buy a program, sign-up for a course, or hire a coach. (AND FINISH, but that is for another discussion)

I bet you get exceedingly better results and even if you don’t you will at least know with certainty that method doesn’t work for you.

Get out of your own way and allow a proven process to work its magic!