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Driving home in a torrential downpour and hail storm I noticed a couple huddled under their umbrella on the sidewalk waiting it out.

From their viewpoint waiting it out likely seemed to be the best solution as they were attacked on all sides by sheets of rain and pebble-sized hail bombs.  

What they couldn’t see is that just 20 yards in front of them or behind them the sky was sunny and clear.  

They were stuck under a “Charlie Brown Cloud” and instead of pushing through or retreating they froze and took the brunt of the storm albeit under the protection of an umbrella.

I was able to see this because I had a different viewpoint and way of seeing their situation.

They could have been out of the storm faster and further towards their destination sooner by pushing through it rather than by waiting it out.

They simply needed vision, faith, and somebody who had been where they were trying to go to tell them a better way to get there.

Brett “Keep Moving” Denton