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With your money, you want to get the most value with the fewest dollars.

This is called being economical.


Let’s replace dollars with calories.

…you want to get the most value with the fewest calories.  

If you consume foods that are high in energy (calories) relative to value (nutrients) you will end up broke (fat and unhealthy).

If you consume foods that are low in calories relative to nutrients you will end up wealthy (healthy and lean).


You have a set amount of money you make every year.  

You must best determine how to spend that money to get the most value out of each dollar.  

If you overspend you end up in debt and this debt that will need to be paid back.

Same goes for calories.  Your body only needs a set amount of energy (calories) per day.  When you consume over the needed amount you store the excess energy as fat for use later.  Fat is “debt” that needs to be paid back with caloric deficits.  

You must best determine how to “spend” (consume) the set amount of calories to get the most value (nutrients).  

With money if you don’t spend it wisely you end up being forced over budget because you didn’t buy everything you needed within your budget.

With calories, if you don’t consume them wisely you end up needing to go over your energy budget because you didn’t get the nutrients your body needs for proper functioning.  


You can increase your earning power by learning new skills, getting better at your current job, or otherwise increasing the value you bring to the marketplace.  

You can also increase your caloric needs by increasing your physical activity and increasing your lean body mass (increasing lean body mass is the biggest bang for the buck for long term health).  

Health = Nutrients / Calories 

This equation is from the book the Intelligent Gardner and is exactly the equation to focus on for long term health. 

The more nutrient dense each calorie is the healthier you will be. 

Same goes for money…

Wealth = Value / Dollars

The equation is simple and yet in both money and calories, the implementation is not always easy.

Every time you’re about to spend whether it be money or calories ask yourself…

“Is this the best value for my (dollar/calorie)?”

Brett “Your Food Accountant” Denton