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Me: Drake, will you please pick up those Legos?


Me: Lachlan, it’s time for bed.

Lachlan: But, I’m NOT READY!

These conversations are a daily occurrence and probably completely avoidable.  Yes, this is not on my kids it is on me and my wife.  We know that if we make things fun, turn things into a game, or simply use different communication our children would more than likely happily comply with our wishes.

So why don’t we do the things that would lead to a better result?  Why don’t you workout, save money, speak gently, do your best all the time, etc.?  Same reason our children don’t want to do the things we ask them when we ask them in a way they don’t like to be asked, sometimes we just don’t want to do something.  

The winey child in us often says, I know I should but I just don’t wanna…

– I don’t wanna make a game out of picking up toys, I just want them picked up!

– I don’t wanna workout right now, I just want to relax and eat ice cream. 

– I don’t wanna go to work today, I just want to spend time with my family.

The more we can make things fun, the more we can turn life into a game, the more we can communicate gently and kindly to ourselves and others the less we will run into the winey children tantrums both with ourselves and others.  

I love my children and I want them to have a fun childhood where their dad is not constantly “on them” about something.

I love myself and I want to have a fun life where I am not constantly “on myself” about something. 

How about you?