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On Christmas, my kids played legos all day. Hours and hours of Legoing and when they finished their kits they wanted more.

They never once said they were burned out. Eventually, they will likely lose interest in Legos, but they will not be burned out. Burnout would come from somebody forcing them to do Legos and them feeling like they HAD TO instead of GOT TO do them.

Once the fun and free will are removed from a thing burnout happens almost instantaneously.

Burnout is predominantly a mental issue. Burnout is common in our day and age partly because there are so many options, distractions, and shiny things. These lures and distractions make it challenging to stick with anything for long. The thing we are not currently doing almost always looks better, more entertaining, and more fun than the thing we are currently doing be it our career, workout program, diet, or spouse.

How then do you prevent burnout? Well if burnout is a result of loss of fun and free will then we must add fun and free will back.

This can be done in a few different ways.

1. Make it a game. Games are fun. This could be as easy as setting mini-goals for yourself or as elaborate as bringing other people in on it for full out competition. Once you make something a game you no longer care as much or pay as much attention to the thing that has to be done and instead you focus more on how to win the game.

2. Rewire your brain with self-talk. Remind yourself that you GET TO do this thing instead of HAVE TO do this thing. Remind yourself of all of the positive that results from you doing it whenever negative thoughts creep in.

3. Get friends involved. Just about anything is more fun with friends.

Or do all three (some of this might get sketchy when we are talking about your spouse, but whatever floats your boat).

Brett “Burnout Busting” Denton