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It’s easy in times like these to over-exert, over-work, over-worry, and over-stress.  Most often “over” doing is a waste of energy and resources.  Instead of using up your energy and resources on over-doing how about you just do.  Do what needs to be done.

Do check the CDC and WHO websites periodically for updates, but don’t check them every five minutes and that goes even more so for the news.

Do buy groceries, but not excessively.  There are other people who need to eat and feed their families, 7.8 billion.  

Do stay home, but don’t “be” home.  Do as much as you would normally do when you aren’t quarantined in your house, albeit may look slightly different.  You may realize you are able to do more because of improved efficiencies.

Use this crisis as an opportunity to do the things you always do differently.  Try new ways of being, doing, and acting.  Once the newness and weirdness wear off and you settle in you will find ways to be more productive.  You will learn about yourself and who you are if you choose to listen.  

Lastly, take a deep breath.  In times of crisis slowing down often helps you speed up.  Breathe in through your nose for a count of four and out through your mouth for a count of eight for a few reps to calm the mind and body.  

I am excited to hear about how you improve and the opportunities you discover.