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If a way of doing something isn’t working doing that thing harder is not likely the solution.

If you’re doing copious amounts of cardio and still not getting the body you want doing more cardio is not likely going to have the impact you’re looking for.

Try a different approach like resistance training, less cardio, nutrition shifts, etc.

If you’ve tried cutting carbs to next to nothing and it only lasted a few glorious weeks of miserableness and weight loss than cutting carbs “harder” with “more discipline” is likely not the answer.

Try portion control instead of macronutrient elimination.

We get stuck in molds that we think are the way things are supposed to be, or how things are supposed to work, or worse yet fool ourselves into thinking that a way of doing things is the only way that works for us (when in reality it doesn’t really work!).

There are countless ways to get results.

Don’t get stuck in somebody else’s mold or a dysfunctional mold of your own making.

If something is not working for you break out of the molds and try something new.

Who knows you may get lucky and create a bigger better mold.

Brett “Breaking the Mold” Denton