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Our Pragmatic and Methodical Approach is Guaranteed to:

⇛ Improve Your Fitness

⇛ Reduce Your Risk of Injury

⇛ Increase Your Performance

⇛AND Sculpt Your Body

What We Do:

We provide an optimized experience for the lifelong pursuit of good health, wellness, and fitness.

The Goal of Our System:

Build and maintain a rock-solid athletic base for the enjoyment and mastery of physical activity be it extreme sports, recreational activities, or activities of daily living.

Our methodology helps decrease fat, increase lean muscle & strength, and improve flexibility, mobility, and athleticism in as little as two forty-five-minute sessions per week.

The Three Pillars of Kvell’s Program

1. Result Focused

It is one thing to say you are results-focused and entirely another thing to live and breath it.

We are the latter.

We are a results-focused facility which simply means we are more concerned about ensuring our clients get results than anything else.

This is why we use the type of training that we do and why we are continually pushing the envelope in developing our program based on the most recent science and our real-world results.

2. Foundational Strength

We are a foundational program focused on strength training.

Foundational meaning we provide the necessary fitness foundation or base for everything else you do physically.

Our goal and objective is NOT to be your one and only thing, instead our goal is to ensure you are able to do all of the things you want to do be it biking, hiking, playing sports better and with
less risk of injury and to increase your quality of life through improving your fitness for everyday living.

We do this by utilizing metabolic resistance training as our main training method.

Metabolic resistance training has been proven by science to be the fastest and most effective form of training
for fat loss, lean muscle gain, and general physical fitness.

Here is an article discussing this:

The Hierarchy of Fat Loss

Metabolic resistance training is NOT the same version of HIIT that most facilities do.

Burpees, rowing, running, cycling, etc. although beneficial are not resistance training and will not elicit the same result as progressive strength training.

Compound exercises (exercises that use many joints) like squats, hinging (deadlifts, swings), pushing (push-ups) and pulling (pull-ups) are foundational movement patterns but also deliver
the greatest metabolic bang for the buck.

Mastering these movements will improve athleticism in everything you do and create overall body strength superior to anything else you could do.

Not only that but the more joints you use in a resistance training movement the harder your body has to work and thus the better workout you are getting.

Furthermore, the heavier weight you lift the harder your body must work resulting in increased lean muscle and strength which
results in improving athleticism, physical conditioning, and lower body fat.

This is why we focus on metabolic strength training with the foundation being squat, hinge, push, and pull.

Cardio and high-intensity cardio is a nice add-on, but not foundational to long-term improvements in athleticism,
body fat reduction, lean mass, and strength.

3. Coaching

We are a coaching-oriented facility.

We coach.

We coach during training sessions by relentlessly correcting exercise form, adjusting weights, and guiding people to long-term body awareness and improvement.

We also coach nutrition instead of simply passing out nutrition programs for people to muddle through on their own.

Lastly, we hold people accountable for necessary actions to accomplish the goals they set for themselves.

We are continuing to work on and improve this facet along with all of the others, but this one is the one that we have added most recently.

It is also the one that I feel will produce long-term lasting change as consistency and longevity is the most important thing to seeing results in any fitness program.

Training Session Explanation

All training sessions are designed to accommodate all fitness levels. We have three different levels of difficulty for each movement in the training sessions ensuring the workout is customizable for each client.

Kvell Level 1 Movements: Build A Solid Foundation

Kvell level 1 movements ensure you are technically sound and strong in the base human movement patterns.

Kvell level 1 movements are designed to establish concrete foundations for your fitness to reduce injury and make all other types of exercise and play more enjoyable!

Tendons and ligaments are slower to adapt to exercise than muscle.  This is why you see people getting injuries when they jump 100% into a new exercise program.  Their muscles can handle it, but their tendons and ligaments can’t.

Kvell level 1 movements serve as general physical preparedness training for more specific and difficult level 2 and 3 movements.

It is vital that you do not skip over these critical movements if you are new to our program.  Even though you think you may be able to go to the next level we encourage you to master level 1 first.

Kvell Level 2 Movements

Kvell level 2 movements are designed to build on the solid foundation created through the mastery of level 1.

Kvell level 2 movements increase the technical difficulty, load, and range of motion of your training session.  Thus, increasing your total work capacity, strength, and athleticism.

Kvell Level 3 Movements

Kvell level 3 movements are for our clients who want to take their fitness to an elevated level.