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814 W Jefferson St Boise, ID 83702

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Kvell Fitness and Nutrition Boise

814 W Jefferson St
Boise, ID 83702

Phone: (208) 314-2110

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Kvell Fitness and Nutrition Hailey

409 N Main St,
Hailey, ID 83333

Phone: (208) 314-2110

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I do not live close to a Kvell Fitness facility, do you have anything I can do?

Not a problem! We offer many online and distance programs to ensure that you have no limitations in your ability to Kvell. If you are want to optimize your health and fitness but you do not live near a Kvell Facility go to our contact page and we will figure out a program that will work for you.

I cannot make it to a Kvell facility on a regular basis because of my crazy travel and work schedule, do you have anything for me?

Yes, we do. Some programs that are good options for you include our online nutrition coaching, online workout design and training program, or our high-performance coaching services.

I ONLY need help with my nutrition, can you help?

Absolutely! Nutrition coaching is one of our specialties. Without proper nutrition, it is impossible to achieve optimal health, wellbeing, and performance. We are passionate about helping people create lifelong sustainable nutrition habits. We do this through our many nutrition coaching programs. Click on the “Contact Us” tab to get in touch with us to discuss the nutrition program that is the best fit for you.

Do you have showers?

No. Our clients make it work. Some of them take a bird bath in the bathroom sink, some take pride in their sweatiness, and MOST go back home to shower or have a shower in their office building. We do have changing rooms.

When are you going to have a Kvell Fitness and Nutrition in Meridian Idaho?

Due to COVID we closed our Meridian Kvell and Eagle Kvell locations.  However, as soon as things pick back up we will be looking to re-expand. We are always looking at the possibility of opening more locations.

When are you going to bring Kvell Fitness and Nutrition [insert state]?

As soon as it makes sense for us as a business. We have people who have experience our program from Alaska to New York who keep bugging us to open a Kvell facility in their state. We plan on it as soon as it makes sense from a business standpoint. Until then if you do not live in a state where a Kvell facility resides you can contact us in regards to our distance programs.

What do I need to bring to workouts?

We provide all of the necessary equipment.  However, a few things that you may want to bring include a water bottle, hand towel to wipe sweat from your brow, and hair tie.  We also require you wear squeaky clean shoes to ensure the training floor stays pristine for all to enjoy and bath in all of its beauty.

Will I be sore?

It depends but most likely.  It is never our goal to make you sore.  Being sore is a result of microtrauma at the cellular level caused by forcing your body to do things it hasn’t done in awhile or hasn’t done at a specific level in quite some time if ever.  We try hard to mitigate your soreness by ensuring you do not overexert yourself the first few sessions you train with us.  If you are consistent worker-outer before joining Kvell then you will probably only feel a small amount of soreness.  If you are brand new to working out or you haven’t worked out in two or more weeks then your soreness may be a little more severe.  Again, we highly encourage you to do less than you feel or think you can do for at least the first week.  We have plenty of time to go full throttle once your body is ready.  Going full throttle before your body is ready can lead to injury and a soreness that you probably thought could only be inflicted by god almighty.

How do I speed up the recovery process and reduce muscular soreness or DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)?

DOMS, DA, DOM, DOM, DOMS.  Our old friend delayed onset muscle soreness is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  It lays in the cut until day two after your workout and then it springs on you like the furry of millions of African army ants devouring your soul to live in sheer seconds.  A few things that will help tremendously in the rapid reduction of DOMS.  Drink water, at least half of your body weight in ounces (closer to 0.7 ounces per pound of body weight is better).  Walk, walk, and walk some more.  The more you can get and keep your blood moving the better.  Take a twenty-minute warm Epsom salt bath.  Do another workout utilizing the same muscles to “work the soreness out”.   Lastly, for prevention purposes never allow yourself to go more than one week without some form of exercise.

Do you offer athlete training, personal training, corporate wellness, etc?

Yes.  We offer everything you could ever imagine when it comes to general health, fitness, and nutrition.  We do not offer specific training in areas like strongman training, bodybuilding, and figure competitions.  Nearly everything outside of those three specialties we offer or can offer if it makes sense.  For a more detailed list of what we specialize, go to the Contact Us page.

Do you offer programs for children who are not sports athletes or after school programs?

Yes.  We are passionate about helping children understand and enjoy the benefits of exercise and healthy eating.  We love to facilitate after-school programs to ensure children are getting their required daily activity and having fun while doing it.  To learn more about all of the programs we have available go to our Contact Us page.

Does Brett ever smile?

In person.  No.  For pictures, sometimes.  Don’t take it personally.  This does not mean he doesn’t like you or isn’t happy.  It just means that he is so deeply entrenched in figuring out how to improve the service of Kvell that he forgot to tell his face he was happy, thus the stoic appearance that he is so infamous for is because there is not a moment of the day where he is not actively working to determine a better more efficient way to serve the clients of Kvell and the world.  🙂 All jokes aside Brett is passionate about helping you achieve your goals.