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At Kvell we do accountability based pricing.

When a Kvellian shows up to training sessions (novel concept, doing something they committed to and are paying for) they get a rebate on their monthly membership rate.

With it being the first of the month we’re going to get a slew of cancelations from people who didn’t show up to the agreed-upon training sessions last month.

Thus, they will be paying the full agreed upon rate this month with no rebate(unless of course, they terminated with 30 days notice).

We’re willing to piss people off and lose clients in order to get Kvellians results.

Lifestyle change is difficult and without somebody unwilling to let you slide on what you said you wanted to achieve and agreed to, said change is unlikely to occur.

We hold Kvellians to account.

People like to think they want to be held accountable, but very few actually do.

Being held to account is a blow to our ego and our manufactured feeling of freedom.

Frankly, being held to account often feels like we’re back in grade school being reprimanded by Ms. Smith.

However, the majority of us will not do what is needed to get the results we desire without being held to account for our actions, habits, and behaviors.

It’s easier to quit than it is to take a slap on the wrist.

It’s easy to agree to do something before we get into the thick of the doing.

Where in your life have you made agreements and commitments that you’re rationalizing or weaseling your way out of instead of bucking up, taking the slap on the wrist, and doing what you said you would do?

Accountability is not meant to be fun it’s meant to force results.

It’s time to toe the line.  

Brett “Ms. Smith” Denton