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How many times have you told yourself…

“This time I will stick with it.”

…and find yourself quitting a few weeks or months later?

Too many to count if you’re like most people.  

Before you get too down on yourself there are plenty of things you have changed.


…no matter how hard, daunting, or seemingly impossible the change may be.

What’s the difference between the things you were able to change and those you weren’t?

You are the same person so why can you change in some areas and not others?

Let’s look at exercise and nutrition.

What’s the one overarching difference between the person who transforms their health and nutrition and the person who yoyos?


The person who transforms believes they can transform and thus have no deadline as to when they will stop trying.

The person who yoyos does not believe they can change for a plethora of reasons and thus stops trying, gives up, throws in the towel, and/or jumps to the next fad or shiny object promising overnight results so that they can tell themselves yet again “nothing works.”

This belief is often not on the conscious level, but instead an insidious thought lurking beneath conscious thought sabotaging your best intentions.  

Once you believe you CAN change you WILL change. 

Behavioral change will not last if your thoughts do not change.

If you think you’re an overweight unhealthy person than no matter how much weight you lose you will gain it back because your brain strives for congruency. 

Your thoughts are things.  What you put into the world is what will eventually come back to you. 

Think of it like a boomerang that goes out and comes back with even greater force to slap you upside the head and knock you off track.

Tomorrow, I will go into more detail about how to create belief where there is disbelief.

Brett “Believe You Can” Denton