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My son asked how LEGOS are made.

How would you answer this question?

Would you say in a factory?

Would you brush off the question?

We didn’t know the answer so my wife used it as an opportunity to teach Lachlan how to find the answers and learn something new along the way. (Don’t feel judged we have brushed off many similar questions I am sure.)

It’s quite mindblowing to see the LEGO factory in action.

The deal is we all have a kid inside us asking these questions, but most of us have been brushed off too many times either by others or by ourselves to pay attention to these questions.

Finding the answers to these “childlike” questions is satisfying in its own right but also can lead to life-altering inventions (lightbulb), business ideas (personal computers), and more fulfilling lives.

Be inquisitive, be curious and even more importantly seek the answers to your questions.

Let your inner child out and see just how much better your life becomes.

Who knows you may become the next billionaire inventor or more likely and probably just as cool will start to be amazed at the world around you.

Brett “Let the Kid Out” Denton