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Some days we label as “good” and others we label as “bad” yet they are just days.  Days we are above ground and get a new chance.  A new chance to live.  A new chance to love.  A new chance to matter.  

I would say there is no such thing as “bad” days, but I am not completely convinced of that.  I have not experienced being sold into slavery as a child.  I have not experienced living in poverty.  I have not experienced being persecuted.  I have not experienced war.  I have not experienced torture.  

I could sit here safe, fed, loved, and “coddled”(relatively speaking) typing on my computer about all of those situations being a means for growth and rebirth (which by the way I 100% believe).  Yet, if I had to guess within those struggles there are probably a lot of bad days, really bad days. Gut-wrenching, soul-sucking, I don’t want to be alive bad days.  

I cannot speak on that which I have not experienced and so instead I will speak on that which I have.  What I am about to tell you has yet to fail me no matter how “bad” of a day I believe I am having (again, nothing compared to some).  I feel the power of this one thing can change the world and if we all did it once per day, just once, our entire world would be transformed.

Here is it…

Every day, good and bad, ask yourself “Who can I help today?”  

Then take action big and small helping just one other soul.