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Which question will likely provide a better solution?

Question A: Why can’t I…?

Question B: How can I…?

Asking empowering questions opens your mind to what is possible instead of what is not. I was stuck in finding reasons why I couldn’t do things for a long time. I still get sucked in every now and then, but it does not serve me. Once I learned to seek solutions instead of problems the world of opportunity opened to me.

When on a journey you will face challenges every step of the way and the grander your journey the more and larger the challenges will be. Asking questions that seek solutions will assist you in overcoming these challenges whereas asking “why can’t I” will often stifle your progress.

Asking the right questions in life is a critical component of getting the correct answers. Focus on asking empowering questions that do not lead the person answering (you or others) to a foregone conclusion. If the question is good enough the answer will be as well. Thus, when you are not getting answers that solve a problem modify the question until you do.