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Photo by Jong Marshes on Unsplash

At the moment, it seems as if nothing is clear.  Without clarity, it is extremely difficult to find our way.  We are swimming in a body of water so clouded with dirt, soot, and feces that we are forced to guess which way to go and who to follow and believe.  We must clear the water if at all possible if we want to make meaningful forward progress.

Dirty water is all but useless for most purposes until it has been cleaned of all pathogens, debris, and dangers.  Clear water magnifies, protects, and nourishes.  

Dirty water has engulfed the world at large.  Dirty water infiltrates our brains after a long stressful day.  Dirty water seeps up when we are emotional and mentally stressed and fatigued.  Dirty water is all around us and it is up to us to extract and clarify the life-giving waters within it.  

– Separate the debris from the facts
– Sleep, good quality sleep, will do wonders for your murky mind
– Beleive ONLY the things that have been proven
– Turn off the news and negative bombastic social media streams​

As clear as mud is our life and our reality at the moment.  It is time we get to work separating the debris from the water to make proper use of them both.