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I coach my son’s U7 soccer team.

I want them to have fun, but that isn’t the take-home message.

I want them to improve their soccer skills, footwork, and athletic prowess, but also not the major message I am driving home.

I want them to understand the value of teamwork and camaraderie and yet still not the one major idea I want them to grasp.

There’s ONE thing I want them to learn by the end of the season.

There’s one challenge I have set forth for them to take on.

I have challenged them to be aggressive and engage in every play.  No plays off.  Never give the other team a break or an easy possession.  Never let up.  Go after the ball, engage in the game.

I want them to understand how to attack.

In sport when you are getting tired and ready to quit so is your competitor.

When your body says no, your mind must say LET’S GO!

This is when you kick it into the next gear.

When the opponent is wearing down you ramp it up.

This is how you win.

I challenge you to engage, get aggressive with your goals, and teach your brain to say LET’S GO when the going gets tough, this is where the game is won.

Brett “Let’s Go!” Denton