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Have you been thrown off your path from COVID and the stay at home orders?  Are you a healthier, happier, more productive version of yourself due to the disturbance?  If not, how are you planning to get back on track?

Habits are fickle.  A true “habit” is something you do instinctively and by reflex.  Most of the things people call habits are not actually habits.  They are simply things they do repeatedly and as soon as they lose focus they stop doing them.  Thus, not a habit.  These are the things we must pay the closest attention to.  

COVID has derailed many people’s artificial “habits”.  Some of this derailment is likely a good thing.  For example, s0me people might be eating healthier because they are cooking at home more often than going out and eating at the office cafeteria/breakroom.  However, I am sure you have heard about the “COVID 15″(as in 15 lbs) which is proof that many people have lost their way.  

Many are lost right now.  We lost our structure.  We lost our normal way of life.  We even lost our ability to reason and think clearly for ourselves.  Many of us are lost.  

How are you going to get back on the trail and continue marching forward?  How about restarting one simple healthy and proactive “habit” like daily exercise?  From there, add another and another and another until you are not only back on track, but further ahead than ever.