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We’re in week one of our Spring Cleaning Challenge and week one means loathed before pictures.

Seeing yourself in a picture is different than seeing yourself in a mirror.

We are good at getting the perfect light in the mirror to get our best look.

In a picture, we see what the camera sees which is usually not as pretty as what we make ourselves see in the mirror.

Come to find out many people avoid mirrors (and the scale) like the plague because they don’t want to see themselves at all. 

This is akin to never looking at your bank account to see how much money you have (which is also a thing people do).  

This is a way of hiding from reality.  

Imagine a hurricane is coming.

Yet, you’re afraid to look out the window, listen to the TV, or do anything that confirms a hurricane is coming because you’re afraid of reality. 

Thus, you will fail to prepare for the hurricane and when the hurricane inevitably strikes your house and life will be devastated.

There is always a storm brewing in your health, wealth, and relationships.

If you hide from reality by not paying attention to the indicators like what you look like, the balance in your bank account and amount of quality time with your loved ones that storm is going to rock your world in a not-so-good way.  

Only when we face reality can we properly prepare for, prevent, and weather the storms of life.

Brett “Storm a-Brewin” Denton