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I have been fortunate to have a plethora of people along my path willing to help, coach, and mentor me.

Starting with my parents from day one.

I was born white, in the United States, to an upper-middle-class couple, with parents who did anything to ensure my success.

I don’t think I could have a better starting point.

Many people don’t get that start.

Many people are faced with stress, adversity, and lack from day one.

Even though I try not to forget my good fortune or take it for granted I often do.

I find that when this happens I not only have poor results but more importantly I have poor energy and outlook.

The fastest way to get out of this is to pay it forward.

The second fastest way is to say thank you.

That which we appreciate appreciates.

The more I focus on helping as many people as possible the happier I am and the more success comes my way.

The number of people we help and the number of people who lend a hand to help us is the truest meaning of wealth.

How or who are you helping today?

Brett “Helping Hand” Denton