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“Hey Brett, I have been meaning to email you, but…”

There seems to always be a “but” when we’re trying to do something out of the ordinary.

I would exercise, but…

I would save more, but…

I would spend more time with my family, but…

I would talk more on this subject, but today I want to discuss appreciation.

We all want to feel appreciated.

The person who said the quote above made me feel appreciated.

The reason we do many of the things we do is to help people and it feels good when we’re appreciated for those things.

I know I do not show enough appreciation for the people in my life and my guess is you don’t either.

When was the last time you sent out a thank you card?

When was the last time you told your spouse that you appreciate them for who they are and all they do?

When was the last time you showed genuine appreciation rather than a passing “thank you”?

Today, I was reminded of how valuable and fulfilling it is when you feel appreciated.

I will pay it forward by saying I deeply appreciate and thank you for investing time to read my Shot in the Arm. I know you are busy and only have so many minutes in a day.

You reading my Shot in the Arm allows me to impact the world in a way that I would not otherwise be able to do.

Thank you for your willingness and discipline to consider my words and work on yourself.

I challenge you to show genuine appreciation today to at least one person who has done something for you that you have yet to properly appreciate.

Use the 3-Part Super Thank You from Dr. McGonigal to ensure it lands as intended.

3-Part Super Thank You

  1. Find the benefit- what good came to you because of this person, be specific
  2. Acknowledge the effort- what might have been hard for them?
  3. Spot the strength- what good do you see in the person you’re thanking?
Always start and end with thank you.

Brett “Appreciating” Denton