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What did you dream of doing or being or having when you were a kid?  How about 15 years ago? 10? 5?  Have your dreams stayed the same, increased in size, or have you lost the ability to dream altogether?  

Dreaming is one of life’s magical creations.  Dreaming is where the creative process and building of our life take place for without dreaming we would be stuck in whatever the world would have us do.  Without dreams, we would be soulless automatons.  Okay, okay, maybe not quite, but we would surely be lacking a lot of what it is to be human.

Like many things in life dreaming often decreases with age.  We lose or forget how to do it or we simply let life get in the way (reminiscent of Peter Pan).  We would be well served to have some hopes and dreams right now to get us through the mess we are in.  

Step One: Write down 100 things you want to be, do, or have

physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, psychological, material, professional, financial, creative, adventure, legacy, character.