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What’s more important…

A.  Planning for and thinking about the championship

B.  Planning for and thinking about the next game

There is no answer C in this scenario as that would make the question too simple and prevent you from having to think.

The obvious answer is both.  

I took that option away to force you to wrestle with choosing the best option.

We’re often faced with more than one right answer and yet have to choose only one.

The simple way out is to say both. 

Hanging our hat on one choice is difficult and is that much more difficult when the solutions and answers can both be correct or incorrect. 

We must learn to make decisions when the answer is not clear and then make those decisions right.  

Nobody is right 100% of the time.  Don’t let the inability to choose an answer and go forward slow you down.

Ty Cobb has the highest batting average in Major League Baseball history at 0.366.  This means he hit about 1 out of every 3 at-bats.  Yet he still stepped up to the plate and chose to swing or not swing pitch after pitch. 

Joe Harris currently leads the NBA in 3-point field goal percentage with 45.9% which means he misses more than he takes.  Yet Joe continues to choose to take shots and win games. 

When faced with a choice make one and get on with it.

Successful people don’t always make the right choice they do their best to make the choice right.  

Now, back to the matter at hand should you focus on the big picture (championship) or the next immediate challenge (next game)?

The correct answer when forced to choose one is answer B the next game.

– You will never get to the championship game without first winning all of the “next games.”

– The championship will eventually be the “next game” if you focus on winning that which is immediately in front of you.

– The only thing you have the ability to win is the thing that is immediately in front of you.  

– Through honing your skills every “next game” you’re building your skills for the championship.  

– When focusing on winning the next game you don’t get lost in the clouds.  Often when you focus on something not immediately in front of you complacency and procrastination creep in.

– When focusing on the next step instead of the top of the mountain you are less likely to become discouraged and quit early.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated when you’re goal is so far away.

– When focusing on what is immediately in front of you get immediate feedback.  This feeds your motivation or allows for immediate correction.  

“Next game” could be your next meal or workout if health and fitness are your goal.

“Next game” could be your next put if you’re a golfer.  

“Next game” could be saving $100 this month if wealth building is your goal.  

Focus on winning the game that’s already on the schedule and is guaranteed to happen.

Focus on winning now.

Focus on creating a system and process to ensure you have the best chance of success game after game.

When you do this you’re creating the optimal chance to win the “championship”(ultimate goal).

When you get to the championship you will treat it like any other game which will improve your chances of winning.  

Brett “Next Game” Denton