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Stress 101

Two types of Stressors:

Eustress = positive stress.
Things like exercise, buying a home, starting a new job.

Distress = negative stress.
Things like divorce, death, money problems.

Three Types of Stress:

Acute Stress –  this stress is very short, think of the fight-or-flight reaction here.

Episodic Acute Stress – this is when acute stress strikes over and over again.  Many people in today’s fast-paced world are stuck in this stress cycle.

Chronic Stress – constant neverending stress like poverty, unhappy marriage, bad job, and dysfunctional family.

Distress if not nipped in the bud will grow like cancer and wreak havoc on you and your life.

Your body is designed for short bouts of stress and then long bouts of relaxation and recovery.

The more hectic your life the more recovery and recreation you need to keep the stress monster at bay.

Here are six ways to help you prevent or at least mitigate negative stress.

1.  Exercise

Yes, exercise is a magic pill.  Word to the wise, exercise is a stressor in and of itself but is eustress not distress when done properly.  There is no single thing you can do for your body that will beat the benefits of consistent exercise.

2.  Sleep More and Better

Your brain and body reset and recover during sleep.  If you don’t sleep adequately (either long enough or good enough) you stress will win.  Do whatever you can to optimize your sleep.

3.  Focus

Stop spreading yourself thin and focus on a few things.  The more you focus the less stressed you will be and as an odd side benefit the more you will get done.  Think of it like spinning plates.  The more plates you spin the less attention each one gets and the higher your anxiety level climbs.

4.  Eat Nutritious Foods

The food you eat plays a significant role in your health and wellbeing.  Proper nutrition not only helps to prevent disease but also improve your energy, outlook, and attitude.

5.  Random Acts of Kindness

Doing something nice for other people with no expectation of anything in return is a sure way to boost your mood and lower your stress hormones.

6.  Spend More Time With People You Like, Love, and Admire

Hang out with people who you enjoy hanging out with.  I always feel less stressed after being at Kvell for this exact reason.  Thank you Kvellians!

Brett “Don’t Stress Unless Eustress” Denton