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I was so frustrated.  My computer was freezing, stopping, and taking forever to do anything.  I had cleared my dashboard, cookies, and made sure my internet was tip-top speed.  There is a certain flavor of simmering rage that takes over when technology doesn’t work properly. (I know, I know, first world problems)

After putting up with this problem for several months and in fact, choosing not to use that computer very often because of the friction (by the way, increasing or decreasing friction is a great way to increase or decrease doing something) I fired it up again.  I had recently had another computer cleaned up and remember the tech telling me to empty my trash.

Empty the trash no matter the situation is likely solid advice.  At home, if you don’t empty the trash you end up with a bug, smell, and spousal problem.  If the trash didn’t get emptied at your place of work you would not be able to work.  Well, come to find out the same is true for the trash on your computer.

I had 30,474 files in my trash!  No wonder my computer was slow.

But who cares about computers that’s not really what I am talking about.  Often the things we need to do are common sense and yet out of sight and thus out of mind.  You may need somebody to tell you the things you already know to remind you that you know them and even more important to actually do them.

We all need people in our lives to take care of the small yet important things.  The people in your life that can help you do the mundane and vital tasks are some of the most valuable assets you possess.  How many things do you have gummy up and slowing down YOUR system that could be cleared up with a few simple “clicks of a mouse”?