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The other day I provided two of my top nutrition book recommendations. These two books How Not to Diet and Deep Nutrition are diametrically opposed. Why did I recommend books that appear to refute the other?

1. To point out the ridiculousness of the current state of our knowledge on nutrition.

2. Different strokes for different folks rings true for nutrition. One person may do well on a plant-based diet whereas another may become nutrient deficient and ill based on their individual microbiome, genetics, and source of food just to name a few.

3. They are both well-researched books for when they were written and will expand your knowledge and view of the power nutrition has for optimal health and long life.

4. Reading opposing views makes one think for themselves and come up with their own conclusions.

5. Help you understand we have yet to find a perfect nutrition plan for all people and thus encourage you to experiment until you find the foods and diet that work best for you.

There are a handful of dietary practices that that darn near every nutrition professional agrees on.

1. Do not eat fried foods or at fast food joints (or really most restaurants)

2. Eat whole foods. (this includes oils, gets your fats from whole food sources like olives, nuts, seeds, avocados, fish, etc.)

3. No refined sugars. (soda, syrup, commercial baked goods, ice cream, candy, etc.)

I dare you to stick with this plan for 30-days with 100% compliance and tell me you don’t feel better, lose weight, have more energy, have more mental clarity, and reduce cravings amongst many other benefits.

Our Nutrition Accelerator Program lays this all out for you and takes the guesswork out of it. We are reopening registration this week only.

>>Check out the details of the Kvell Nutrition Accelerator and get registered by clicking here.

Alternatively, you can go with the 7 times concentrated beer diet from the ad above and at least we know that one works as advertised, you will gain weight.