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There are a handful of things to think about before hiring anybody(including us) for personal training in Boise.  Hiring a personal trainer is one of the best things you can do for yourself.  Most people struggle to exercise consistently.  Most people struggle to consistently eat properly.  Due to the lack of consistent exercise and proper nutrition, most people’s health continually declines year after year. An excellent personal trainer matched to your goals can help you overcome the challenge of consistent exercise, proper nutrition, and declining health. 

However, if you do not find a Boise gym or studio with personal training in Boise that is qualified, properly trained, and precisely matched to your goals, you are going to struggle to getPersonal Training in Boise the results you are after.  There are hundreds of training methodologies, multiple personality styles, and no one-size-fits-all programs—at least ones that work well.  Nearly every program we take clients through is customized in some form or fashion to the individual, whether with our personal training clients or our group fitness training program.

Step 1 – Know Your Personal Training in Boise Goals

Where do you start when looking for a Boise gym or studio for personal training in Boise to help you accomplish your goals?  First, you must know what your goals are.  Without knowing what you are looking to achieve with personal training, you will not find the right personal training program.  Personal trainers are similar to restaurants.  You won’t go to a burger joint if you feel like Chinese food.  If your goal is sports performance, you shouldn’t go to a personal trainer specializing in rehabilitation and vice versa.  Step one is to know your goal.

Step 2 – Personality Match

When hiring a personal trainer for personal training in Boise, step two is to find the correct personality match.  You will be spending one to five hours per week with your Boise personal trainer.  That time can seem like way too much if your personalities clash.  Some personal trainers are high energy, others are very intense, and others are gentle and supportive.  It is important that your personality jibes with your personal trainer.  You will determine if there is a good personality match after two to three training sessions.  (It takes about that long to get to know each other and understand everything that goes on in the training session.)  

Step 3 – Experience and Client Testimonials 

The third thing to think about when researching personal training in Boise gyms and studios is the experience of the trainers and client testimonials.  Does the personal trainer have experience working with clients like you and your specific goals?  Does the trainer have positive testimonials and reviews that back up the experience they promote?  Based on your consultation, do you believe that the personal trainer will help you achieve your goals?  

Step 4 – Group or One-to-One

How is the personal training in Boise training sessions conducted?  Are they in a group or one-to-one?  At Kvell Fitness and Nutrition, we have found that a personalized plan performed simultaneously as three to four other people (who also have customized plans) provides for high energy, cost savings, and better results.  Our group coaching offers the best price, energy, and results.  

Step 5 – Proven and Progressive Program Design

Is your personal training in Boise personal trainer helping you build a solid fitness foundation, or are they jumping(pun intended) right into plyometrics, heavy lifting, and advanced movement patterns?  These types of exercises and training modalities are for advanced trainees. Doing them too early in a training program is the main reason people get hurt when working with a personal trainer in Boise.  If your trainer is not progressively building a fitness foundation, they are setting you up for an injury.  There must be a solid philosophy behind the program design. It must start with building a solid foundation of strength, mobility, flexibility, and muscular endurance. 

Step 6 – Training Methods

Does the training method the personal training in Boise program uses match with what you enjoy doing, and will it get you to your goals.  Pole dancing is a challenging workout, and many gyms across the country are using it effectively.  However, do you want to do pole dancing as exercise, and will it help you achieve your specific goals?  There are dozens of fitness fads that come and go.  Some are great, and others don’t serve the ultimate purpose.  Ensure that the type of training you are signing up for is something you enjoy and will get you the desired results. 

Personal Training in BoiseFinding the proper personal training in Boise can drastically and positively change your life.  Personal training for a higher quality of life is a long-term commitment and should be taken seriously.  You are going to be putting your financial resources as well as your blood(let’s keep it pumping inside the body), sweat, and tears(happy tears from your awesomeness) on the line for a sustained period, so let’s make the most of it by ensuring a great fit.  

At Kvell, you will work with multiple trainers, allowing you to get additional feedback and coaching from multiple certified coaches.  Our expertise is general fitness, strength training, and fat loss.  We are here to help people who want to look better and feel better to get more out of life. If you wish to run in an obstacle course race for fun or race around with your grandchildren, Kvell’s personal training in Boise can help.  Our Boise personal training programs are custom-written for each individual based on specific needs and goals.  Our programs start by building a proper fitness foundation and progress, always focusing on bulletproofing your body and relying on sound scientific principles.  We believe in training the fundamental movement patterns because by doing so, our clients will be able to do any athletic endeavor at a higher level.  When you get really good and strong performing fundamental movement patterns, your life becomes easier, your confidence improves, and the qualify of your life is enhanced.