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  • Custom Body Transformation Plan ($100 value)
  • Custom Personal Training Program ($250 value)
  • Custom Mobility and Flexibility Plan ($100 value)
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  • Nutrition Assessment and Consultation ($100 value)
  • 7-Day Nutrition Jump Start Guide with Recipes ($25 value)
  • 21-Day Wellness and Fitness Fundamentals Program ($49 value)
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  • 2 Personal Training Sessions ($120 value)
  • 7-Days of Unlimited Group Metabolic Strength Training Sessions ($42.25 value)
  • Fitness and Mobility Assessment ($100 value)
  • 21-Day Wellness and Fitness Fundamentals Program ($49 value)

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How Long Does It Take to See Results from Training?


Personal Training Results 1Getting the results you want from your personal training takes time. Generally speaking, 2 weeks of working out results in you being fairly sore as you may be activating muscles that you previously used only rarely in the course of your everyday life. On the other hand, 3 weeks of workout results in you starting to see increases in your general energy level. Something to watch out for if you are just starting your workout routine is that working out everyday for a month results in burnout more often than not. You should also know that 1 year of working results [female] in some very dramatic and positive changes to your energy levels, muscle mass, and in some cases amazing weight loss.

Weight Loss Results and 2 Month Workout Results:

So, on average how long does it take to see weight loss results from participating in a personal training program with a nutrition program attached to it? In most cases, people will start to see significant and positive changes in their body after 4 – 8 weeks. Naturally, staying committed to the workout program and the prescribed diet are both keys to seeing results. The general answer to the question of “on average how long does it take to see weight loss results” depends on the condition of your body when you start the program, and if the program is a good fit for your body type and personal fitness goals.


Some people see dramatic changes in their weight after 21 days. However, their results depend heavily on what nutritional program they are on while they are sticking to their personal training schedule. One thing you should look forward to when you start any personal training program are the 2 month results that you can look forward to, because most people see the most significant results from their program after 4 – 8 weeks. Stick to your personal program and keep your original fitness goals in mind when it seems hard to keep yourself on your fitness routine and nutritional program.

Many Days:

Personal Training Results 2It takes many days to achieve your health and fitness goals. If you work out 5 days a week how much weight will you lose? First, you need to keep in mind that your body may not be ready to work out 5 days a week if you have not been doing any fitness routine in the past. Your diet is more closely connected to your weight loss than your fitness routine is, generally speaking. That being said, is a 5 day workout good for weight loss? It can help, but a nutritional program designed specifically for your body type is going to help you quite a bit in order to accomplish your weight loss goals.

Ultimately, the answer to the question of how long does it take to see results with a personal trainer depends on your fitness goals. Consistently going to personal training appointments will help you see positive results within 4-8 weeks, on average. However, if your focus is weight loss, then you need to have your personal trainer set you up with a nutritional program that works for your body type and will work synergistically with your fitness routine. Stay committed to both programs and you will see excellent results when it comes to your personal health goals.