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Boise Idaho Fitness Training

Boise is where we live!

We’ve been in Boise for over 9 years and we are proud to be a part of such a vibrant and growing city in the Pacific Northwest! We know what makes the folks in Boise tick, and we are proud to be a part of all of that right now here in The Treasure Valley! There are so many things to enjoy here in Boise, and a lot of those things are great outdoor activities that we know that Kvellians enjoy doing in their lives right now! Getting involved in

Your body is where you live!

We are invested in optimizing where you live! Being a part of what you really love to do in the City of Trees is very important to us. In a weird philosophical sense, you really do live inside of your body. We want you to get the most rewarding experience out of living inside of your body right now. Getting the most out of your life connects directly to you getting the most out of your body. Being able to do what you want to do with your body, whether that is running a marathon or picking up your grandchildren, is what we are all about over here at Kvell.

We specialize in high interval low impact fitness training.

To be fit means to be particularly suited for a purpose or task. We don’t want to break your body to a point where you can hardly breathe and are left barely able to stand up. We want you to get the benefit of our specifically tailored weekly workout regimes that are designed to challenge you just enough to help you to build the real-life strength that you can use for your day-to-day life without causing you pain or injury. Our group workouts are fun and community-oriented so that you can build on what you learn about your body and your life as you continue your relationship with us!

What do you want out of your life?

Specific goals setting is what we are all about. At Kvell, we want you to achieve what you are really looking for out of your daily life. There are a lot of important things that you are looking for in your lifestyle, and we want you to be able to achieve those goals for yourself. If you want to really connect with the people who matter the most to you, and you also want to be able to participate in the activities that are truly significant in your life, then we can help you make that happen for yourself right now. Whatever it is that you are looking to get for yourself right now, we want to help you to get there. Our trainers are connected and committed to getting you where you want to go!

We want you to work out to live, not live to work out!

Working out should only take 45 minutes, 2 times a week. We stick to that. A lot of our clients do want to do more once they get going, and we think that is great. However, this is the minimum that many of our clients see amazing results with, and we are proud to be able to deliver on this concept for the folks here in the Treasure Valley. There are a lot of really great benefits to going to the gym. Over here at Kvell Boise, we understand that it doesn’t take a whole day of working out to get you to where you need or want to be. In fact, our specially tailored workout regime is designed to get you the exact healthy amount of exercise on a weekly basis to help you to achieve the health and fitness goals that you have set for yourself at your particular time in your life!

Kvell means “happy and proud” and that is what we are!

Our community of Kvellians is all about being proud of each other as we get the most out of life! Doing everything that we can to boost up our members and also to strengthen the Boise community is what we are all about right now. Being connected to the people around us is extremely important. Getting to the heart of what makes a community tick is what we have dedicated ourselves to and we know how great our results are! “Kvell” is a yiddish word that means “happy and proud” and we inject that concept into everything that we do. We are proud of our members. We are happy for the role that we get to play in our community.

Working out should not hurt.

We do not buy the idea that pain should be a part of every aspect of life. A workout is not a place that we think should hurt to do. If you really do want to experience a workout that is tailored to your physical abilities, then you should join one of our great group sessions and see what we can do for you today! Getting involved in physical activity does not have to be painful, and we are dedicated to getting to know you and your physical needs so that we can make that happen for you right now!

We want you to be fit for your life!

The life that you get to lead is a huge gift on this planet! Getting you to a place where you can really embrace life and the love that you have for it is our specialty.

We have a variety of Kvellians who are waiting to be proud of you!

Our community runs deep and wide and we love to dig deep to find a place for everyone. Staying involved in what is going on around us within the community of Boise is a real privilege for us. Getting down to what really matters most to everyone who is looking to improve their lives is what we are all about! We look forward to growing with Boise and helping everyone to reach their full potential in this amazing city!