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What Are 15 Workouts?

Is a 15 Minute Workout Enough to Build Muscle? Thinking of trying to build muscle with short workouts? Let’s take a look at some of the things you should know about short workouts. Keep in mind that we recommend 45 minute group exercise sessions here. There are over...

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What Are the 20 Terms Used in Exercise Program?

Exercise Program: There are many terms that are used in a group exercise programs. Since we have already gone over 20 different types of exercises, we can now go over some terms that are used when you participate in a group exercise. So, what are the 20 terms used in...

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What Is the 10 Best Exercises?

Best Exercise: Let’s take a look at some great exercises that can happen at most group exercise sessions. You can do a lot of great fitness exercises as a group under the guidance of the professional trainer who runs all of the group exercises. Before, we went through...

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What are the advantages of group exercise over?

Group Exercise Advantages: Let’s talk about some more advantages and disadvantages of group exercise now. The main thing that is a disadvantage when it comes to working out in a group instead of getting some private personal training is that you get less personalized...

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What Are 10 Physical Exercises?

Physical Fitness Activities: Let’s take a look at some healthy physical activity examples right now. There are several different types of movements and activities that you can participate in at the gym if you are getting involved in some group exercise at this time....

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What Are the Other Examples of Group Exercises?

Group Exercise Examples: There is a lot to be said about the group exercise programs that are available at this time. You can get involved in a whole lot of different types of group exercise programs at this time. As part of our looking at 20 different types of...

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20 Different Types of Exercises

Exercise: Did you ever sit and watch those aerobic exercise video programs back in the day? The key word here being “sit” of course, because very few people found the motivation to actually use just watching a video program as their source of working out. This is just...

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Is Personal Training Worth It?

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Personal Trainer? There are pros and cons of getting some personal training. Let’s take a good quick look at some of the cons of getting personal training. For one thing, you need to be a person who is looking for some up close coaching...

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Personal Trainer 3 Times a Week Results

Is Training 3 Times a Week Effective? You can get a lot of really great results by working out at least 3 times per week. Some of the workout 3 times a week before and after pictures are the best. It is great to see so much progress that is made by so many people when...

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